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SUPROKON Management Services provides the following services:

Market Research, Analysis and Consulting

With more than 20 years’ experience in market research and related consulting in the IT industry, SUPROKON offer the following market research related services:

  • Market reviews and analysis.
  • Market size and share research, estimates and analysis.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Trend, driver and inhibitor research and analysis.
  • Supply side (vendor) research and analysis,
  • Demand side (end-user) research and analysis – needs, requirements, satisfaction, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction research and analysis.
  • Market segmentation research and analysis, segmenting by factors such as industry sector, location (geography) and customer size.
  • Regular reviews of market and competitor activity.
  • Market forecasting.
  • Technology and other environmental scans.
  • Building models that represent market participants, product and/or service types, revenue and other measurements of size and segmentation.

We have extensive experience in IT services market research and analysis and built a definitive model of the South African data centre (DC) services business and are building an enhanced model of the total IT services market.

Shadowmatch Services

Shadowmatch is a cloud-based system using habit-based profiles of people to:

  • Reduce employment cost.
  • Reduce staff turnover.
  • Improve staff productivity.
  • Analyse teams and improve team performance.
  • Analyse and improve work and personal interpersonal relationships.

SUPROKON offers the following services:

  • Analyse problems experienced and advise on how Shadowmatch can improve the situation.
  • Analyse problems experienced and advise on how Shadowmatch can improve the situation.
  • Provide Shadowmatch training.
  • Provide Shadowmatch support.
  • Assist with profile and relationship analysis and interpretation.

Contact us for more information and a free presentation and demonstration.

Project Management

SUPROKON has experience in managing projects, ranging from small market research projects to complex high-technology engineering development projects. We offer the following services:

  • Project management: Managing projects on your behalf.
  • Project management training.
  • Developing project management systems, procedures and disciplines.
  • Developing project monitoring and reporting systems and procedures.
  • Analyse and improve work and personal interpersonal relationships.

Projects require a different approach than continuous operations and activities. Often, organisations and people do not have the skills required to successfully manage projects although they are very successful with their operational responsibilities. Personnel who already have a full time job might not have the time to also additionally manage a project. SUPROKON can help overcome these problems.

Web Design and Hosting

Through our SuproNet division, SUPROKON has been developing and hosting websites for clients since 2001. We can develop and host quick, simple and low cost websites as well as large and complex sites with visitor interactivity and the option for user update. For more information, visit our site dedicated to our services related to web design.


We love the challenge of solving problems and reducing complex situations to smaller components that can be researched, analysed, modeled, forecasted, managed, etc. We can apply experience in engineering management, product management, project management, market research, analysis and consulting, management of a small business and corporate management systems with formal business management education to almost any business problem and can assist with:

  • Problem analysis and solving.
  • Developing of business cases.
  • Business plans and strategy.
  • Research into specific topics and analysis thereof.