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About Us

About Us

SUPROKON Management Services was established in 1990 and has been operational since 1993.

Over the past more than two decades, the focus has been on providing market research, analysis and consulting services in the information technology (IT) industry.

Initially SUPROKON worked primarily with BMI-TechKnowledge (BMI-T) on a wide range of research and analysis topics ranging from the systems (mainframe and server) market to storage, PC (desktop), LAN, SAP, data warehousing, Internet (ISPs and connectivity) and electronic commerce (eC). During the dotcom era, SUPROKON assisted BMI-T in building a model to size, segment and forecast the South African eC market and advised several companies in this regard.

In more recent times SUPROKON worked with Africa Analysis and focused on the IT services market with a special interest in data centre (DC) services and cloud computing services. During this time SUPROKON built an IT Services model describing the market in terms of size, growth, and market share of the top local vendors. This model is currently being enhanced and updated to improve the resolution in terms of service types and add segmentation dimensions such as industry sector and customer size.

SUPROKON worked with Africa Analysis on projects related to the IT services landscape, storage services, business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) services, backup and recovery services, data centre (DC) services, cloud services, Big Data, security, and many others. To size and segment the DC services market, SUPROKON developed a comprehensive model of the South African commercial DCs owned by the top DC service providers. This model provides estimates about capacity (total and sold), revenue, market shares of service providers and segment this by service type, DC tier and region. The model also provides estimates about how much of the revenue is earned via the public cloud and hosted private cloud models, as opposed to the traditional hosting models.

SUPROKON has also conducted market research in industry sectors other than IT.

In 2001, SUPROKON established a web design and hosting division. This division, SuproNet, has been developing, hosting and maintaining websites for more than 12 years and has grown and changed with the Internet. It created the first website for a “sakekamer” (business chamber) in South Africa. While continuously adding new clients, SuproNet still hosts, maintains and updates websites of clients initially developed in the early years. See more about SuproNet.

In 2015, SUPROKON became a qualified consultant for Shadowmatch.

SUPROKON has also delivered the following services:

  • Project Management: Project management of projects such as implementation of quality management systems to qualify for ISO 9000 certification and SAP implementation. We have also done project management training, including presenting a course on project management.
  • Organisational Culture and Climate: Conducted a survey of organizational culture and climate. The climate study was based on the model by Litwin and Stringer and the culture study on the model by Harrison.
  • Business process review and analysis.
    • We base our advice on both our practical experience and a solid theoretical background.
    • We have a systematic and logical approach, allowing you to follow our reasoning and make an intelligent decision.
    • We do not lose sight of the bigger picture when zooming in on detail.
    • We have extensive experience in market research, specifically in the IT industry, and have experienced several waves of change in the industry.
    • We have extensive practical experience in managing projects, small and large.
    • We have a thorough understanding of the technical development process gained through years of involvement in developing systems, simple to complex.
    • We have experience of product management, including getting the product ready for the market, developing its marketing and support aids, establishing an overseas distributor network and providing technical and marketing support.
    • We have had tertiary technical and management education, strengthened by numerous supplementary courses and seminars.
    • We understand that a business consists of many interrelated processes and that a change in one may affect the others.
    • We do not take on assignments that we cannot handle and cannot add value.

    Managing Consultant

    Anton Heÿdenrÿch is a founding member of SUPROKON Management Services and the managing member.

    He has been actively involved in IT market research and consulting since 1993. Since then he has completed numerous assignments amongst others in the following areas: Internet, eCommerce (with an emphasis on financial services), systems, storage, data warehousing, SAP and the software market in the local IT industry. He has furthermore mentored a number of less experienced research analysts to become successful themselves. Anton has also managed projects ranging from the establishment of ISO 9001 compliant quality management systems in large corporates to participating in SAP implementation projects and has also been involved in strategic planning and culture and climate studies.

    In recent years his focus has been on the IT services market, with specific interest in data centre (DC) services and cloud computing services. He has built what is probably the most comprehensive model of the local DC services market and is currently busy with a long term project to enhance and expand a model of the South African IT services market.

    Before becoming involved in the IT industry, Anton was a product manager and responsible for international marketing in Europe, the East and Australasia for a company supplying traffic engineering products. Responsibilities included identification, appointment, training and support of agents and managing one of the products. This followed a career as electronics engineer on systems development projects where his role was initially technical and project management and later programme manager.

    Anton was actively involved in local and small business organisations. He was a founding member of Cenbis (Centurion Business Support Centre) and was involved in the local business forum, serving a term as chairperson and several terms as member of the management committee. During this time, the Centurion Business Forum became the first such organization with its own website and won an award as best small business forum in South Africa.

    He holds a BSc (Eng)(Electronic) from the University of Pretoria and a MBL (cum laude) from the SBL (Unisa).