• Project Management Services
    Project Management Services
  • Shadowmatch Services and other Consulting and Management Services.
    Shadowmatch Services and other Consulting and Management Services.
  • IT Market Research, Analysis and Consulting.
    IT Market Research, Analysis and Consulting.

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SUPROKON Management Services is an independent management consulting and business services company, established in 1990.

With decades of business and consulting experience, we provide objective market research, analysis and consulting services in the information technology (IT) sector. We can help with market overviews, sizing, trend analysis, competitor analysis, technology scans, and other services.

We manage projects on your behalf, allowing your operational personnel to focus on their day-to-day activities. However, we can also help to introduce project management skills and discipline through training and development of systems and procedures.

Using the Shadowmatch system, we can help you to reduce staff acquisition cost and staff turnover, improve work efficiency, and help to optimise teams and personal relationships. We can assist with implementing the system, training, support and interpretation of results.

Through our SuproNet division, we can give advice on web strategy, develop a website suited to your special requirements and budget, and host it. Should you require it, you can maintain it or parts thereof yourself. If you want to focus on your core business, you can let us do the updates for you. Please visit our SuproNet website for more information on our web services.

With extensive experience and a thorough theoretic foundation, we are equipped to assist with a variety of business and management issues. However, we also know our own limitations and will not take on assignments that we are not able to handle as required.